Grandmother Drum Tours

The largest healing drum of its kind in the world, the seven foot crystal inlaid Grandmother Drum
is the foundation’s global ambassador of love and spiritual unity.


Grand Mother Drum Logo

Grandmother Drum has toured 20 countries, traveling nearly a million miles of earth and touching nearly a million people with her heartbeat of love.

Inspiring unity, peace and earth sustainability through the theme “The Heartbeat of One Family, One Earth,” Grandmother Drum brings together cultures, tribes, faiths and hearts through sacred world music, and cultural and healing arts workshops.

“”Concertgoers are shaken to the core by GrandMother Drum’s soulful thunder-her universal power in undeniable.”
– Heather Resz, Anchorage Chronicle

Host Grandmother Drum’s unifying message of love at your:
  • International Peace and Reconciliation Conferences
  • Concerts and World Music Festivals
  • Sound Healing, Spiritual Healing and Crystal Conferences
  • Conferences of Art, Music, Writing and Culture
  • Interfaith Gatherings and Consciousness Summits
  • Traditional Indigenous Ceremonies and Cross Cultural Gatherings
  • Prayerful Activism Events and Festivals for Earth Sustainability
  • Universities, Museums and Schools
  • Family, and Community Ceremonies and Celebrations


Grandmother Drum World Peace Tours support local indigenous communities in restoring culture, reclaiming lands, protecting sacred sites and resources and “drumming up” global attention for earth sustainable projects through positive, prayerful activism.

Grandmother Drum continues to unite over 360 cities in 60 countries in global drum vigils through the DRUM FOR CHANGE GLOBAL NETWORK. As the unifying heartbeat of us all, Grandmother Drum is known to rock you gently in peaceful meditation, then ROCK YOU passionately in joy and celebration!

“I am grateful for the heartbeat you return to communities long forgotten of their spiritual connection to Earth.” –Kat Haber, Homer, Alaska

“Blessings White Eagle. Thank you so much for changing the world…heart beat by heart beat!” – Sandra Hamlin, Canada

“If anyone has an opportunity to see White Eagle perform, do it! I had a very profound experience as a result of one of her performances, she is a genuine healer and Lightworker. I hope that she will consider coming back to the state of Massachusetts again soon. -Deb Ogden