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Celebrating the magnificent cultural diversity of the human family.


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Thank you for interest and enthusiasm to hosting the GrandMother Drum International Peace Project in your community. We are honored to share with you a vision that awakens and celebrates the magnificent cultural diversity of the human family and the truth of our oneness. Your organization may host one or more events. The links below will provide you with all the information you will need. We will be happy to work with your community to have the GrandMother Drum serve your specific community needs or events. For more details please contact us.

“I met Grandmother Drum in Silver City, NM in 2007 and I want to say great job! Something wonderful is happening because of your efforts and it is just wonderful to feel and see. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this great work you are doing!!!!!!” Peace and love,” Joe Doyle, New Mexico



“People tell me when I talk about the time I spent with you and the Grandmother Drum
that my energy changes and they can see and feel the buzz! Love and Thanks x”Joy Youngman, England

“The ceremony, songs, unity with open hearts, and becoming one with the sacred Grandmother Drum has been a turning point in my life –spiraling into the greater experience of truth, wisdom, and a knowingness that this is just the beginning of what is becoming. Thank you beyond words for coming to the Black Hills and freely sharing these gifts with the people, elementals, Sacred Mother, and allowing the Grandmother Drum to cleanse and heal what was needed here” – Dancingspirit, Black Hills South Dakota