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The Global Wisdom Council all share a common passion and vision for global peace, tribal unity and Earth sustainability.


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“I rarely met people that touched me so much and that I would call family. I would love to travel with you and Grandmother Drum across the world. I appreciate, respect and admire your paths, your love radiates far and wide. Thank you for all you are doing. May God bless you all and protect you.  I am so thankful that I met all of you and you healed my heart.”  – Johanna Madlmayr, Austria


Ann LossingAnne Lossing : Guatemala Host and Advisor

Almost 15 years ago, I decided to fulfill my dream of living in a place with palm trees and thatched huts with dirt floors, and I packed up the Toyota 4-Runner with my youngest son, Bryan (10 years old at the time), our dog, Bru and all our camping gear and left Calgary, Alberta for “someplace” in Guatemala. It didn’t take long for us to discover this hidden paradise. The day of our arrival in El Remate, I met Enrique, a doctor from Guatemala City, and we immediately realized that we both had the same idea for social development here in the village. Within a month we had opened the first free community clinic and the rest is history .”Project Ix-canaan”.

Amurak SapperAumrak Sapper: Guatemala Host, Mayan Priestess, and Advisor

Born in Guatemala, Aumrak received initiations from five Mayan Elders and has held ceremonies in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, France, Germany, and in nine States in the USA, as well as Canada. Aumrak holds Degrees in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Pedagogy from Padagogishe Akademie des Bundes of the University of Graz, Austria, as well as numerous teaching degrees earned in Canada. For several years she has worked as a freelance journalist in radio, TV and magazines. AumRak is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, curandera (Medicine Woman), transpersonal psychotherapist and ceremonialist, who works widely throughout North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe and Mexico.

Barry GoldsteinBarry Goldstein’s Sacred Music Advisor musical experience spans many styles and genres from Co-Producing the Grammy Award winning track ” 69 Freedom special with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005, to providing ambient music for Shirley McClain. Barry believes strongly in the healing aspects of music and is a translator of Sacred Sound and Inspirational Song. He is a musician whose passion is sharing music, or as he calls it, “The Universal Language of Love” to assist in improving quality of life on an individual and global level.

rad SwensonBrad Swenson: WRF Filmmaker and Producer. Brad J. Swenson is Crooked Pictures Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Swenson has 20 years working as a professional in the film industry. From 1998 till 2003, Swenson was the International Product Manager for FAST Multimedia AG and Pinnacle Systems Inc. Swenson was a part of the team that developed the professional editing system blue, later sold as AVID Liquid. Mr. Swenson is also a multiple award winning filmmaker, editing such documentaries as Tibet on the Edge of Change. Brad edited and produced the documentary film Grandmother Drum Awakening the Global Heart featured as one of the top spiritual films of 2008 a the Tel Aviv Spirit Film Festival.
Catherine ThundercloudCatherine Thundercloud Nicholas: Massage-Polarity Therapist and Teacher
Catherine has been practicing for more than 20 years. Her work has taken her all across the state of Alaska from Kodiak, Nome, Cooper Landing, Homer and Anchorage and throughout the United States. She has performed more than eight thousand treatments in these communities. She has also taught Polarity Therapy and Massage at the University of Alaska’s Northwest Campus in Nome as well as lecturing for the State of Alaska Education System and The Center for Wellness Massage School in Albany, New York.
DaVidDaVid, Physician: – California Host and International Advisor
Human Ecologist – Artist
Medical Director – The S F Medical Research Foundation
Founder – The Light Party
Director- The Global Peace Foundation

Diane DunnDiane Dunn: Peru Host and Cultural Advisor.

Author of “CUSCO: The Gateway to Inner Wisdom”, and “CUSCO II: The Magic of the Munay-Ki – A love story“, is a healer and master in the Andean Spiritual tradition. She is originally from New York and after a career in theatre, she attended Union Theological Seminary. In the 1990s she worked in South Africa just after the liberation of Nelson Mandela developing an outreach program for homeless and unemployed people in downtown Johannesburg, where she lead a weekly support group and healing circle. In 2000 she moved to Peru where she built Paz y Luz (Peace and Light) Guest, Healing and Conference Center in Cusco’s Sacred Valley. www.

Jaentra GreenJaentra Green Gardener: CMT. M.A. Global Outreach Advisor

Diagnosed in 1977 with multiple sclerosis, Jaentra left no stone unturned in exploring any method that might help her overcome that illness. After learning from experts from all over the globe, she and a group of leaders created Three Heart Balancing Method. This open source group knows that humans are in the grip of an evolutionary imperative. This group formed a network so that anyone who asks can receive a healing. For over 35 years Jaentra put hands on and remotely worked with hundreds of people and trained many. Jaentra is a contributing writer for OM Magazine and hosts Healing Journeys Radio Show at,

John RobertsJohn Roberts, Australian Aboriginal Advisor, Australia. Bundjalung Elder and Knowledge Holder, Byron Bay





ReynoldsReynolds Kamakawiwoole: Hawaiian Elder and Advisor

Jim ChannonJim Channon Community Drum Keeper, Hawaii, Visionary, Advisor is billed as America’s first “corporate shaman,” and is the originator of the popular concept of “corporate visioning,” but he’s also got the chops – and the credentials – to be taken very, very seriously, having worked as a consultant for ten of the world’s hundred largest companies, and as lead futurist and educational technologist for the U.S. Army. His theatrical presentation marking the opening of the three day seminar was well received by the energized, if mildly astonished, audience of 250 business people from around the world, most of whom looked more like Men’s Warehouse customers than seekers of aboriginal wisdom.
Lissy UrtegaLissy Urteaga Co-Founder & Services Manager, Delpin Amazon Cruises, Peru
Cultural Advisor Lissy is blessed with unlimited creativity, imagination for details and a natural ability to make guests feel at home. With a background in art, interior design and extensive international travel experience, Lissy, together with her husband and business partner Aldo, adds just the right combination of exclusivity and charm to cruising on the Amazon on board the Delphin I & Delpin II.

Marshall JackMarshall Jack “Golden Eagle”

Ceremonial Advisor and Healer is a member of the Washoe Tribe of California and Nevada. He is affiliated with the Southern Paiute and Central Miwok Tribes. Family history includes grandparents who were medicine people and healers. Marshall is one of the few medicine persons who carry original teachings passed down through many generations of ancestors. Marshall has trained extensively under spiritual and medicine Elders from the Washoe, Shoshone, Paiute and Miwok Nations since 1960.

Maureen MossMaureen Moss: Global Meditation Outreach and Spiritual Advisor

For three decades, Maureen has been a catalyst for humanity’s shift from human nature to Divine nature, through both the spoken word and the written word. She has done so, in part, through the medium of worldwide radio, as the President of The World Puja Network, as a four-time award-winning author, and as a global teacher of New World consciousness. She has been called, “a thousand pounds of spiritual dynamite” in the book Living an Uncommon Life by John St. Augustine sharing company in this book with Christopher Reeve, Oprah Winfrey, and John Denver. Dr. Jean Houston calls her a “Universal Instigator.”

Noga MeirNamah (Noga Meir) Community Drum Keeper, Peru School Advisor

Munay Ki Initiator; WRF Community Mother Drum Keeper of “ Thunderbird Drum” for Peru and Poland, She is currently living in Peru being trained as a Curandera. She has completed Rainbow Fire Mystery School in Hawaii and Peru as well as the Heart of One and Language of One online program. Namah participated with the Grandmother Drum’s Tours in Israel, Hawaii, Vancouver Islands and Peru.

Yolanda MartinezYolanda Martinez, Singer Songwriter, DrumMaker Authentic Apache Native American hand made drums and Music by Yolanda. Yolanda is a NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD WINNER/BEST FEMALE ARTIST 2005, and has been making drums since 1987. She uses #1 grade hides of Elk, Deer, Cow and Buffalo for quality and makes hand drums as well as Pow Wow/Ceremonial Drums. Her drums are known from coast to coast and throughout Europe for their wonderful deep felt resonating voice. Yolanda’s Music consists of Drumming & Chanting, Contemporary Native American, Country, Latin, and Folk Recordings that she sells. Her Drumming and Chants CD’s help you learn different beats, rhythms and songs. Yolanda is Apache and Mexican decent from So. New Mexico.

Timna El SharonTimna El Sharon: Israel GMDRUM Tour Director, Community Drum Keeper and Medicine Woman is a medicine woman, practicing Native American medicine for the past fourteen years. She trained with a Navajo medicine woman and has been receiving communications and guidance through visions and dreams, from the spirits of the animals, the four directions of the ‘Medicine Wheel” and the Elders throughout the years. She leads personal and group medicine wheel rituals in Israel and her vision is to walk these rituals all over the world. These are rituals of unity, healing and equilibrium that promote peace, positive communication and harmony among those who seek it. In walking her own unique path, Timna guides, mediates and heals using the great power of Native America. She is a WRF Community Mother Drum Keeper of “Nanawachi” Drum.”
Wind DaughterWinddaughter: Grandmother Pipe Carrier, Medicine Woman. Sacred Ceremonial Advisor Wind Daughter is the adopted daughter of BearHeart, a Muskogee Creek elder. Among her many duties, Wind Daughter has pledged to Spirit to act as Keeper of the Beta Star Bundle and Caretaker of the Black Lodge and its altars. In addition, she serves The Panther Lodge Medicine Society as its Medicine Chief, following in the steps of the late Sun Bear and Wabun Wind. After many years of teaching independently, Wind Daughter founded her own spiritually oriented organization, West Winds, in 1992. In 2006, Wind Daughter found a home for West Winds and The Bear Tribe Medicine Society in Arkansas.

Since beginning her journey with her gift of song many years ago, Wind Daughter has built a program of experiential workshops and retreats to facilitate others in renewing their relationship with Mother Earth, and to reach within themselves to sustain their spirits. As a trained ceremonialist, Wind Daughter works with regional circles and groups, as well as national events, to assist others in the path of healing. Wind Daughter facilitates an entire range of women’s teachings, as practiced in the West Winds Women’s Gatherings and workshops.


Doug KoesterDoug Koester, Doug believes that humanity will once again find its love for itself and all life. After growing up near Chicago and earning a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Health, Doug decided to join the Peace Corps. He lived and worked with the people of Chad, Africa for over two years. This experience increased his already strong connection and respect for Africans and indigenous peoples everywhere…Upon returning to the US he moved to Nome, Alaska where he worked with and learned from the Alaskan Natives as an Environmental Health Specialist.

Presently, Doug strives to integrate the practical wisdom of indigenous peoples everywhere into my daily life. He lives in beautiful Homer, Alaska where his spirit benefits from the purity of the Alaskan wilderness and the many plants and animals that surround him. Currently Doug works for a non profit as a coordinator of “Peer Educators”. He teaches in schools and does presentations throughout Alaska on sexual wellness, resiliency, and healthy relationships. At the moment his creative outlets include: Raising 2 boys, drumming, gardening and adventuring on Mother Earth. Doug is leading in finding and securing our Homer based Whirling Rainbow Center and land. He is also helping plan and organize local events and helping to organize and inspire youth to be a part of this vision.


“Thank you…. The work you all do is amazing!” -Adam, Ohio