Staff and Interns

What our staff have in common are huge and humble hearts, a rich connection to Spirit,
a strong sense of community, honesty, integrity, and a deep passion to serve with their gifts to their fullest potential.


White Eagle Staff ImageWhite Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth):

Executive Director, Drum Keeper and International Healer, Teacher and Ceremonial Artist.

White Eagle Medicine Woman’s (Suraj Holzwarth) adventurous life began early, when at the age of 19 she moved to Alaska and became the youngest woman to climb Denali, North America’s highest peak. With a deep love for the earth, she spent most of her early years in the wilds and guided wilderness expeditions throughout the world for over twenty years.


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In the late 90’s she received a vision in dreams with indigenous Grandmothers to create the world’s largest healing drum. Beginning in 2000 and taking over a year to construct, White Eagle and the multicultural Alaskan community built the seven-foot, crystal inlaid GrandMother Drum. In 2001, White Eagle and Grandmother Drum were launched on their first of many World Peace Tours inspiring unity, peace and “drumming up” awareness of earth sustainable projects with the theme “ The Heartbeat of One Family, One Earth.

White Eagle is the founding director and Drum keeper of the GrandMother Drum International Peace Project and the 501c3 non-profit Whirling Rainbow Foundation. She is internationally known as a shamanic healer, seer, trance-medium, author, speaker, teacher, ceremonial and performance artist of Native American and European ancestry. She has traveled over a million miles touching a million people in 20 countries promoting unity, peace, tribal reconciliation, and earth sustainability. As a singer, chantress and world musician, White Eagle’s voice has a primal and mesmerizing quality, penetrating to the very heart and soul of our indigenous connection with each other and the earth. Her CDs include“Journey of the Heart”, “Songlines of the Soul”, “Living Waters of Grace” and the newly released double CD, “Holy Ground”. She is a master drum maker having made more than 5000 hand drums and 50 Community Mother Drums (3 feet crystal inlaid drums).

White Eagle is also the director and co-producer of the documentary film “GrandMother Drum: Awakening the Global Heart”, selected as the Top 20 Spiritual Films at the Tel Aviv Spirit Film Festival in 2008. In 2010 and 2012, the “Traveling Song”, and “Birthing Chant” respectively won the “Alaska Song of the Year” in the World Music Category. She is the author of “The Magic Bundle” children’s book, and“Songs of A New Earth” songbook as well as the director of the Rainbow Fire Mystery School, operating month long shamanic schools in Alaska, Hawaii and Peru. Her extensive spiritual teachings are found in the “Language of One” and the “Heart of One” books and online courses. In 2013, White Eagle launched the Global Blue Flame Planetary Grid ceremony, activating and renewing the earth’s grid in a one day ceremony annually with 62 trained groups worldwide.

Renamed by her tour staff, “Indiana Jane” for her utter perseverance to fund and travel the 7ft thundering symbol of the heartbeat of love globally, White Eagle has certainly “traveled to the beat of a different drummer,” placing herself in the midst of countless social, racial tribal and political conflicts, environmental crisis’ and personal loss to sound the urgent call in awakening the heart of humanity. She has been honored to be initiated by many indigenous Elders and has been passed many of their ancient medicine bundles and global responsibilities. As a mother of two beautiful children and a total lover of humanity, White Eagle feels passionate that humanity can only move forward through positive prayerful activism focusing on the highest good of all and has often been referred to as the “Mother of the Rainbow Nation.”


Michaela Staff ImageMichaela Ashaneya Baumgartner:

Tour Manager, Cultural and Healing Arts Teacher, Ceremonial and Performance Artist

Michaela Ashaneya Baumgartner is an international Healer, Trance-Medium, Writer, Performance, Visual & Ceremonial Artist. She serves as Tour Manager, Program Coordinator and honorary Board Member for the Whirling Rainbow Foundation.

As a Cultural Arts Teacher and Drum Keeper of the 3 foot, crystal-inlaid Community Mother Drum “Amazon Queen”, she also tours internationally on her own. Her flute music is included in the newly released “Holy Ground” CD.


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Born in Austria, Michaela trained throughout her childhood and teenage years in flute and dance, theater and radio. Her love for literature, philosophy, the arts and journalism determined her studies after High School and she graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria, with a Master’s Degree in German Philology and Communication Sciences & Media Studies in 2004. Her thesis about “Thunderstorm Literature in the 18th Century” was published. She then graduated from a certified training at the Upper Austrian Journalist Academy and started her career as a political journalist. She was known for her courageous and critical voice for political, social and environmental justice. As a young woman, she held her ground in the heat of political conflict and threats in a traditionally male-dominated field.

In 2009, a series of initiations began for Michaela that would change her life forever. Within a year, her long-term relationship broke up and she faced a severe heart inflammation. She began to question her path and search for her true mission. In the same year, she quit her high adrenaline career as a journalist and moved to Canada to work on a Guest Ranch with 20 sled dogs. In Canada her initiations intensified when she lost all of her belongings in a cable-fire in her van, and a month later, her only 19-year old brother died in a tragic car accident in Austria. His death was her ultimate heartbreak and became a huge turning point. To navigate her loss, Michaela went on a healing quest, traveling 20,000 miles alone in a 20-year old car across West Canada and Alaska. The wild land and animals began to mend her soul and taught her to come home to her own authentic nature. The inner breakthrough happened when she had her first communication from her brother in the Spirit World. As she broke through the illusions of death and separation, she began to make her greatest wound her greatest gift. The ability to commune with the invisible world set her on her true soul’s calling. By the end of her 7 months journey, she met White Eagle Medicine Woman in Alaska and was intrigued by her global peace, healing and sustainability work.

Returning to Austria, Michaela then worked with special needs children, graduated from her certified training in the Australian healing method, the “Bowen Technique”, and started to treat clients. She self-published “Rainbow Land – A Journey To Myself”, a German book about her transformational journey and gave a public photo-show of her voyage.

In 2011, she followed her inner guidance to attend the Whirling Rainbow Foundation’s Shamanic Program in Peru and there found a truly aligned spiritual path. Michaela began the foundation’s 4 year Rainbow Path Apprenticeship Program. Over these 4 years, she was a full-time volunteer, toured 14 countries with the GrandMother Drum Ensemble and also traveled alone as a Community Mother Drum Keeper, teaching and being initiated by indigenous Elders across the world. She served as a Healer, Performance Artist, Tour Manager, Program Coordinator, Drum Maker, Photographer, German Translator, Editor, Host and Board Member. In 2015, Michaela graduated from the foundation’s “Master Program of the Shamanic Arts” and has now joined the staff.


Salila Staff ImageSalila Kubitza:

Ceremonial Artist and Puppeteer.

Born in Germany where she received a Bachelor’s degree in early Childhood Education, Salila was trained as a Waldorf Pre-School-Teacher and worked with children with special needs.

Working with Marionettes and Fairytales in a therapeutic setting and creating plays with Rod Puppets and Hand puppets was part of the daily schedule in her work. Later she went to India to study and practice meditation, to be trained in Meditative Therapies and to live in a community based on meditation.

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It was here she discovered a special interest and great love for finding creativity through meditation. She then worked with young adults, facilitating workshops that brought meditation and creativity together, through shadow theater, hand puppet plays and creativity workshops.

She also continued her passion in Marionettes and Puppetry in detail in Prague in the Czech Republic, where she studied the ancient art of String Puppet, Rod Puppet and Marionette Making, wood carving, and costume design. She recently collaborates with White Eagle Medicine Woman bringing The Magic Bundle Children’s storybook to life on the puppet stage for the Grandmother Drum’s 10th Anniversary World Tour across Australia. She is one of the foundation’s Ceremonial Artists and Drum Maker.


Ashira Staff ImageAshira Gurfinkel:

Tour Performer and Sound Healer

Born in the holy land of Israel with the name “Shiri” which in Hebrew means “Sings”, Shiri grew up around singing. As a young child, listening to her grandfather’s singing she got exposed to cantorship singing.

With him she explored, for the first time, the feeling of spiritual elevation through praying and singing. She believes that her medium is within her voice – to heal and open the hearts of humanity and deliver a message of peace.


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Shiri graduated Tel-Aviv University with B.A in acting studies, and M.F.A in directing, in the research area of ritual theatre. She is certified in Bio-energy, Reflexology, Theta-Healing and massage. Shiri learned the secrets of vocal healing from shamans, healers and masters and studied ancient cultures.

Led by her vision that each person would celebrate their own unique free voice and expression, Shiri leads a method she calls “Voice Journeys”, in workshops and private sessions that combine physical, emotional and spiritual practice and create deep connections to our inner core. Her unique way use breaths, syllables, movements and ancient sounds from the bible.

She leads the Enamory women’s vocal group of songs of the ancient culture of Lemuria that she has channeled and works with women in the special connection between women’s voice and their sexuality, as well as with prenatal couples, individuals and groups.


 Tarika Lea Staff ImageTarika Lea:

Massage Therapist, Teacher, Community DrumKeeper and Ceremonial Artist

Tarika Lea was the first apprentice in the late sixties to Hawaiian Kahuna, Morrnah N. Simeona, internationally known for Ho’oponopono and Hawaiian Healing.

As the founder of The School of Integrating Shiatsu Alaska, the first massage school in Alaska, Tarika Lea has traveled and taught extensively for over forty years, gathering from the best of Eastern and Western wisdom traditions to create her unique trademarked Kata Massage Series and Hawaiian Mat Massage techniques.

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She is a passionate student of life and has studied the breath and depth of many healing methods and received certification in Osho Meditations, Circle Astrology, Hypnotherapy and as a Master NLP Practitioner. She loves sharing and empowering others through her passion for teaching the sacredness of a loving touch, the importance of meditation, and conscious living skills. She is a graduate of the Whirling Rainbow Foundation’s Rainbow Fire Mystery School in Hawaii, the Heart of One and Language of One online courses, and is the WRF Community Mother Drum Keeper of “Freedom Star” in Fairbanks, Alaska. With a deep love for the power of the drum, she is a contract Ceremonial Artist for the foundation making drums, rattles and feather fans.


Timna Staff ImageTimna El Sharon:

Israel GMDRUM Tour Coordinator, Community Mother DrumKeeper, Teacher and Medicine Woman

Timna is a medicine woman, practicing Native American medicine for the past fourteen years. She trained with a Navajo medicine woman and has been receiving communications and guidance through visions and dreams, from the spirits of the animals, the four directions of the ‘Medicine Wheel” and the Elders throughout the years.

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She leads personal and group medicine wheel rituals in Israel and her vision is to walk these rituals all over the world. These are rituals of unity, healing and equilibrium that promote peace, positive communication and harmony among those who seek it. In walking her own unique path, Timna guides, mediates and heals using the great power of Native America. She is a WRF Community Mother Drum Keeper of “Nanawachi” Drum.


“Thank YOU and the Grandmother Drum Tour Team. Forever transformed…. TAK!” – Stig TuruMoi Andersen, Denmark