Rainbow Fire Mystery School – Peru

“Birth of the Luminous Spirit”



April 17- May 6, 2019



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Set in the deep love, ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, this deep shamanic inner and outer journey will focus on awakening the codes of the new human to fulfill the Prophecies that mark this Era, the Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle: the Dawning of a New Homo-Luminous Humanity.

Ancient Prophecies of the Americas spoke about a new human appearing on the planet – one who lives free of fear and resides in his transcendent nature. The Nine Rites of the Munay Ki, the South American Shaman’s Path of the Qero Nation (Condor) and the Nine Rites and Teachings of the North American Star Maiden Medicine Wheel (Eagle) are the codes of the new human and were given as the next step in the evolution of humanity, to realign and attune our neuropathways, to shift human consciousness and to allow our Spirit to fully take its wings. On this journey you will be initiated in the Nine Rites of the Condor and Eagle delivered in the form of ceremonial energetic transmissions to activate and empower you to step up to the task of assuming stewardship for the Earth and all creation.

Rooted in traditional indigenous shamanism with daily meditations and breath work, the Rainbow Fire Mystery School (In Quechua “YACHAY WASI” -House of Sacred Knowledge) includes ancient medicine wheel teachings, shamanic journeying, visualization, toning, drumming, trance dancing, channelings, and initiatory medicine ceremony and supported by the best of contemporary psychological therapies, this program is designed to fully align you, allowing you the opportunity to receive deep healing and renewal, gain the personal power to break through previous limitations and increase self awareness to live your divine service in the world. As you attune and align, a deep inner joy and peace are felt, releasing the untapped potential to live the life you dream.

Activated by the transformational power of the 3ft Community Mother Drum, “ Codes of Avalon” we will journey in sacred pilgrimage to the Incan initiation temple sites for ceremony, spiritual direction and guidance. This transformational 19 day Rainbow Fire Mystery School program will include ceremonies at Quinsacocha, Pisac Ruins, Sacsayhuaman (Temple, the Head of the Puma), Ollantaytambo (Temple of the Sun and Condor) Village of Chinchero, Moray, Cuzco Temple of the Moon and Condor, Machu Picchu, Wayna Picchu, Mama Rocha (MamaKuna) and Koriconcha. Base Location: Paz Y Luz, Pisac, Peru, Sacred Valley of the Incas. (30 mins from Cuzco) Spiritual Guides and Teachers: White Eagle Medicine Woman, Michaela Baumgartner and local Qero Shamans.


NOTE: This program is for those with a deep passion and commitment to their spiritual path and awakening and for those that are in good physical condition.

Use of drugs, alcohol or smoking tobacco is prohibited during this program.


Early Bird Registration $4,895 thru Ocotber 30, 2018  SAVE $500! *based on double occupancy Register Here

Regular Registration $5,195 October 1- November 30, 2018  SAVE $300! *based on double occupancy Register Here

Late Registration $5,395 December 1, 2018- March 17, 2019  *based on double occupancy Register Here


20 days and 19 nights program, all lodging based on double occupancy*, all meals (except 5 meals on free afternoons/evenings outlined in schedule), all land transportation (van, bus and train) in the Sacred Valley, entrance fees and guides to all archaeological sites, all ceremonies, spiritual guides, tour guides, local shamans and teachers, school workbook, pie stones, handouts, art supplies and materials.

Not included: International round trip flights to Lima, round trip flight Lima to Cusco, airport taxes, taxi roundtrip Cusco to Pisac before and after program, personal expenses, laundry, gratuities, meals on days specified in schedule, snacks, optional temascal and plant medicine ceremony, optional horseback ride, Munay Ki mesa blanket and bells, lodging before or after program, private healing sessions with White Eagle and Michaela and trip insurance.

Accommodations for this program are 3 star but very comfortable with clean rooms, hot showers and comfortable beds. During our stay at Kush’s Place, rooms will be dormitory style.

Single Rooms: All pricing is based on double occupancy. We cannot guarantee availability on single rooms, so please contact us and register early.

Making Your Airline Reservations: Due to the extensive nature of this program, we need a minimum of 10 participants. We will fully confirm the program on November 30, 2017. Please do not make your flight arrangements until receiving email confirmation from us on this day.

Cancellations: All cancellations must be received in writing. Due to the extensive nature of the overseas logistics to organize The Rainbow Fire Mystery School Program in Peru, there are no refunds and this trip is non- transferable with other programs that we arrange, so we recommend you get trip insurance. No refunds are given for no shows or if participants leave the program by their own choice.


“I did the Peru Mystery School in 2011, one of the single most amazing journeys to date.” – Rondell Gonzalez, Alaska




 “The 2016 Peru School and Tour was an exceptional life changing journey, well organized, safe, filled with love and good spirits.  I was looking for a deeper experience to enrich and heal myself as well as learn about the Sacred Sites of Peru. I received the Munay-KI Rites, seeds of change.. much more than a trip, this is a journey.  I realized 21 days just scratched the surface of the Sacred Sites in Peru and there is so much more to learn.  Truly amazing, I am grateful to have all these experiences!”- Debra Doornbos, Anchorage Alaska

What a blissful, profound trip to Peru. This trip was everything anyone could ask for in a Mystery School. Great combinations of teachings, channelings, sacred sites, beautiful land and people. Thanks White Eagle for this gift. – Sage Emery, Oregon

Johanna and I are talking a lot about the wonderful time with you in Peru 2014. The experiences will be with me forever. Our time in Peru has a tremendous positive impact on our lives for the future and I know I will be meeting challenges now in a different way.- Josef Madlmayr, Austria

” My testimonial for this Peru trip is life changing. I learnt a lot of things about myself and reinforced what I already knew. I loved our group and learnt a lot from them as well. White Eagle you have blessings to channel what everyone needs to hear I really appreciate all that you have told me. I am looking forward to seeing what I learn in the next year. Thanks again for everything! – Deb Turner, Canada

The Peru program brings you into the core of what it means to be human – physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a unique and magic bringing together the mind and the heart. It brings logic and clarity into the great mystery of life. And offers deep, deep healing that will be difficult to find anywhere else.The program has completely changed my way of being in life, I think it may have changed my DNA, it has shown me how I can live my life openhearted, given me back my power and my connection to Mother Earth and and All there is, and it has been with great respect and fun that I have been around magnificent, qualified instructors from very different cultures but unified in the one language of the uniting One Heartbeat. I am forever grateful. -Elisabeth Dyrmose, Sound Healer, Community Mother DrumKeeper, Denmark

Thanks to Michaela for all the translation work she did. The teachings from White Eagle and every word she said are so valuable and to miss the meaning because of not understanding would have been a pity. Thanks to Namah for all her love and Munay Ki she gave to me. You are so wonderful!!  LOVE  YOU! My mesa is sleeping with me every night.  THANKS to WHITE EAGLE. You know who you are for me. The best teacher I ever met! I now drum and pray for you. You opened my heart for singing and drumming again. What a great time. Everyone of you were an amazing enrichment!– Johanna Madlmayr, Austria

Beloved White Eagle, I want to send you all my gratitude! You are such a wonderful, powerful woman with a big light shining heart and a really great refreshing sense of humor. To look to you, watching your open- heartedness and the spirited executions of your teachings was truly a pleasure and an extraordinary experience for me as well. In every word you said, I could feel your authenticity, your power and your love. You live your teachings – fully, with all your being and consequence, with this full YES!! This was really a great inspiration for me!!! You also have a sensible way to explain to us the comprehension of complex concepts and make them very clear and understandable. So I learned a lot from you, had unbelievable experiences with you in Peru and afterwards and all this, I can feel, will affect my common life extraordinarily!! I really look forward to these impacts in my life. I also want to say fully ” YES! I want to be open for everything that comes! And I know I will do it! – Because I got the perfect tools from you through your teachings. So thank you so much- my beloved star sister!! I send you all my love and an extraordinary beloved hug and big kisses. –Ute, Austria

Indeed an amazing mystery school, with so much healing, excellent and profound teachings, channeling, beautiful people, Qero shamans, excellent organization, amazing sites and our beloved seer and sister and a wonderful teacher – in fact amazing one – White Eagle Medicine Woman. This was our best program so far and we are going to evolve it and have it here in Peru again next year. Not to be missed – if you are on the path of true evolution, willing to clear all that is not in alignment and then go to the world and share, this program is for you! –Noga Meir, Israel

I attended in Nov 2011 and it was incredibly powerful. I highly recommend it if you are called!-Brenda Hope Gibb, Canada

I wanted to tell you for the first time in my life the other day I did a Shamanic Healing and let it all hang out! I had no worries about what the other person thought of what I looked like in my shaman’s headband from Peru nor about anything I did during the healing! I used the drum and rattles and toned during the session as well as crystals which I normally use. He was a long time massage client and had never seen that side of me. He said it was a very powerful session and he was having visions the whole time. Thank you for giving me in Peru the ability to finally be myself!-Melissa, Georgia

I went  to Peru school in 2010 and it was the trip of my lifetime…a dream come true  and more special than I could have imagined. I would love to go again…Anybody want to send an aging grandmother to Peru …one more time… ???  My time in Peru with GMDrum and her keeper, White Eagle Medicine Woman still lives so close within my heart. Please give GMD a BIG BIG hug from me and then share that hug with your awesome self and all other Drummers for Change, all over our beautiful blue planet.  I am always with you all in Spirit. Many blessings on the current tour and all the ones to come. and look forward to White Eagle and Grandmother Drum coming back to Hawaii.Vilma Lihau Daly, Hawaii