Shamanic Training

The Rainbow Fire Mystery School offers one of the world’s most thorough
and integrative training programs in shamanic energy medicine.



The Rainbow Fire Mystery School brings together the very best of ancient indigenous wisdom teachings and initiatory rites with western psychological training and contemporary healing practices for both personal and planetary awakening and healing.

The Rainbow Fire Mystery School provides extensive training for healers, artists, teachers, and spiritual seekers, deepening your conscious union, inspiring you to passionately manifest your highest service on Earth.


“Over and over again I have witnessed the depths of the offerings personally through attending classes and programs. The personal transformations for all participants in these workshops has been amazing, The founder, White Eagle Medicine Woman and the organization is to be highly commended for their courage, insight and fortitude to bridge all cultures with the simplicity of love and compassion and the use of the drum to unite all cultural differences.” -Tarika Lea Community Drum Keeper Fairbanks, Alaska