Worldwide Community Drumkeepers

Our Community Mother Drums are built during the annual 7-day DRUMKEEPERS TRAINING and train our Community Mother Drum Keepers to unite in the heartbeat of love for healing, intention, inspiration and celebration. 


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REGISTER your drum in the DRUM FOR CHANGE GLOBAL NETWORK or join one of our Community Drum Groups during full moons, solstices and equinoxes to activate the PLANETARY GRID of Mother Earth with the intention of unity, peace and earth sustainability.



* NOTE: These drumkeeper’s have completed the DrumKeeper’s Training.

AHAVA Nanawachi Israel Community Drum*

Timna El Sharon, DrumKeeper

PO Box 401

Bet Yitzhak , Israel 42920

Amazon Queen Community Mother Drum: TOURING*

Michaela Baumgartner, DrumKeeper (Austria/ Alaska)

Europe Cell Phone: 0043 699 1833 7376

USA  907-756-3955

Mission: To help preserve the Amazon, its rainforest, animals and all living things and support the indigenous tribes along the river. “Amazon Queen” connects thought with emotion, North America with South America, Eagle with Condor and transforms our collective consciousness into pure stewardship for this planet.

Check the drum’s events schedule here

Aniak Halfbreed Youth Community Drum

PO Box 29

Aniak Alaska 99557

Amoret Allen, Principal

Gwen Brock, Elementary Teacher

907- 675-4330

Ayata’s Community Mother Drum

250-752-0757 Qualicum Beach,

Vancouver Island, Canada

Blue Chevon Community Mother Drum*

Anara (Julie) Pelzer, DrumKeeper

Comox, Vancouver Island, BC


Blue Thunder Community Mother *

DrumKeeper, Debra Doornbos

3970 Steller Drive

Anchorage, Alaska 99504


Buffalo Wind Community Mother Drum

DrumKeeper, Doris Steiner

Leonding, Austria

Center of Light Community Drum

Annette Jones, DrumKeeper

Center of Light,

Oxford, Michigan 248-236-0432

Chet Chey Wa Community Mother Drum: AUSTRIA*

Doris Freund, DrumKeeper

+43 676 3232643

Mission of the Drum: Helps to anchor light frequencies into the body

Chet Chey Wa Community Mother Drum is used in my private sound healing practice.

Earth Heart Community Drum

Dodie Taylor, DrumKeeper

1327 Cedar St.

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034

503-706 6349

EVARAY Community Mother Drum*

Eve Szoke, Drumkeeper

6265 Headquarters Road, Courtenay,

BC, Canada

Freedom Star Community Drum*

Tarika Lea “Kaiyete”, DrumKeeper

Woody Pharr. Assistant Drumkeeper

PO Box 84212

Fairbanks, Alaska 99708


907-460-2035 Woody Cell


Mission: To be the central Community Drum of Fairbanks where all people can come as one to drum, sing, dance and meditate. This drum maintains healing energy of the crown of Mother Earth.

Time & Place of Practices: Monthly Full Moon Drum

Hoop of Many Colors Community Drum

Jim & Sue Petruzzi, Drum Keeper

PO Box 4599

Sedona Arizona 86340


Hina of the White Moon Community Mother Drum


Tiki DeGenero adn Richard Koob, DrumKeepers

12-6860 Kalapana-Kapoho Beach Road Pahoa, HI 96778

(808) 965 0468 main office

Kamani: The Place of Refuge Community Mother Drum

Heidi Lawson, Drumkeeper

c/o Yuki Kilborn

PO Box 1038

Pahoa, Hawaii 96778


Kakurru Community Mother Drum *

(which means mythical snake in Nukunu language)

Lindsay Thomas, DrumKeeper

Phone 0429865901 / 0886422987


Mission: Healing of Aboriginal people who are victims of substance abuse. The drum will be used on a weekly basis in the Port Augusta Prison by myself and 12 Aboriginal prisoners and a member of the Red Cross delivering a program called DRUMBEAT to help heal drugs and alcohol.


Chenoa Byers, DrumKeeper


Full moon drumming every month.

Kindred Spirits drum is meant to bring spirits of all species together in that

wonderful heart beat of Mother Earth.

Light Mirror (Licht(er) Spiegel) Community Mother Drum, AUSTRIA*

Mission of the Drum: Reminding us of lightness, and the plenty that is around us.

Alexandra Duzikova

0043 650 460 6525

Light Mirror will be played often in different places, as she is part of a bigger community from day one. Most full moons; concerts and singing events with Alexandra Duzikova; events with other people that are also using Light Mirror.

Events will be available at: or

Ma- Mu Community Mother Drum: AUSTRIA*

Ute Irl, DrumKeeper

Phone: +43 664 1605133

Mission: To bring joy with drumming, dancing and singing Next event: November 29, 2013 Heiltrommeln–Trommelmeditation“ in Bad Vigaun (Salzburg/Austria)

Mayo Community Drum

First Nations of Nacho N’yak Dun

Frank Patterson, Drum Keeper

Box 220 Mayo, Yukon Territory, YOB1MO

Canada 867-996-2825

Mission: Youth drum group to preserve and promote raditional Northern Shoshone culture.

Milli Milli Community Mother Drum*

Allison Casas, DrumKeeper

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Home (03) 9444 7139

Cell 0433940870

Mission: To Sing up the Songs of this Land bringing community together.

Morningstar Community Mother Drum*

Jody Hansford, Felicity Dunn, and Phil Snell, Kathyrn Bose, DrumKeepers

Tamworth, NSW Australia

Build in Perth in 2012,,,

Nondalton Community Drum

Shadow of Our Ancestors Drum

Agnes Cusma and Pete Koktelash Elder Drum Keepers

Nondalton Tribal Council

PO Box 49

Nondalton, Alaska 99640


Mission: Youth drum group to preserve and promote traditional Athabascan culture.

Iximche Community Drum

Tz´ules, Drumkeeper

Iximche, Guatemala

Mission: To empower the Mayan culture, to enhance ceremony and to activate sacred Mayan temple sites.

Sanctuary of the Heart

Contact email:
Contact phone: 907-312-8869
Mission Statement:
“The buffalo that is her cloak, emanates the Medicine that she offers from an open heart, to anyone within reach of her frequency.”

Regular events: Full moon drum circle. Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm.
*Please contact us for the location. And, all Drum for Change events.

Marianna Waters Community Drum

Beverly Pope, Drum Keeper

1021 N Country Rd. 23H

Loveland, Colorado 80537-8125

Mission: To conduct drum healing on the Marianna

Waters along the Continental Divide. To take the

drum into the schools to build community.

Oshishka Tuwa Kawnee, Star Crystal Mother Drum*

Cherryl EAGLEZRAINBOW Eckley, Drumkeeper:

PO Box 3483 Homer, Ak. 99603 until Oct. 15th 2011.

After that PO Box 523, Alpine, Az. 85920


Dates of practices or monthly gatherings: will be used for full moon gatherings and Solstice/Equinox celebrations at this time Mission: To help to activate our crystalline DNA. She will be shared in schools to introduce children of all Nations to the Heart Beat of the Mother.

ONE FLAME Community Mother Drum

Drumkeepers: Alison Jarred & Graeme Jarred

Alison Jarred:

Graeme Jarred:

Date Built: 9th May 2012 Perth, Western Australia

SHAMU Community Mother Drum

Fiona Leiper, DrumKeeper

Brisbane, Australia 2012

Drum Made in May 2012 in Australia

Solete Community Mother Drum*

“Alara”Brenda Gibbs, DrumKeeper

cell 1 403 880 0398

skype number 1 406 1595

Calgary, Alberta

Drum Made in March 2012 in Australia

Soletê’s mission is to continue to ask the question of the Grandmother Drum, “How much love are you willing to receive?”, to assist in raising the vibration of humanity and to assist in the Great Awakening that is happening NOW

Spirit of The Sound Community Mother Drum

Rainbow Feather & Blue Thunder, DrumKeepers:

Spirit of The Sound’s is to bring together Communities in the name of Peace, Love and Harmony.

Soulutions for Daily Living Community Drum

Drum Keeper: Honey

Soulutions for Daily Living

126 N. State Street, Newtown, PA.


Mission: To conduct drum healing activations at the Delaware Water Gap on the Solstices and Equinox. To work with children and bring the drum into the schools.

One Heart Community Mother Drum

Christopher One Love, DrumKeeper

Sanctuary of Living Devotion

P.O. Box 1590 Felton, CA 95018

One Spirit Community Drum

Madge Peinkofer “White Cloud” DrumKeeper

PO Box 5065

Salem, Oregon 97304

Time & Place of practices: 2nd Sunday, Woodland Chapel, 582

High St. SE, Salem, Oregon 2:00pm- 4:30pm 503-551-0311

Rainbow Lightning Community Drum

Joyce Towne, DrumKeeper

“Aolus Star Feather”

1661 Acorn Park Dr.

Eugene, Oregon 97402


Mission of Rainbow Lightning: This drum’s mission is twofold.

It is a children’s teaching drum and was designed to bring rain to the desert. Time & Place of practices: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays Old Mill Feed Store, 327 S. River Road, Cottage Grove, Oregon, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Additional Gatherings: Rainbow Lightning Drum also attends a circle with 5 other drum keepers and a First Nation Flutist in Salem, Oregon. White Cloud Feather (Madge) and her community drum, One Spirit, are the leaders of this circle. This circle is like a hub central for us to land in from our travels. This circle draws a lot of different people to it and I am honored to be a part of it. 2nd Sunday, Woodland Chapel, 582 High St. SE, Salem, Oregon 2:00pm- 4:30pm 503-551-0311

Rolling Thunder Community Drum

Kathleen Simpson Myron, Drum Keeper

PO Box 625

Canby, Oregon 97013


Sacred Cow Community Drum

Drum Keeper Johanna Rickards

6572 Scism Rd. NE

Silverton, Oregon 97381-9633


Serpent of Light Community Mother Drum*

DrumKeeper Sandra Hamlin

British Columbia, Canada

SOUTH POINT, Community Mother Drum

South Point, Big Island, Hawaii

Rashani Rea, DrumKeeper

P.O. Box 916 Na’alehu, HI 96772

808 929-8043

Spotted Cobra of Morning Star Community Drum*

Drumkeeper: Eunice Zech

Soldotna Alaska 99669

Sweet Dreams Community DrumKeeper

Drum Keepers: Shirley Richardson

Tom Samuelson

Time & Place of practices: Practices are held in Weymouth, Mass. Mission of Sweet Dreams: To use the healing energy of the drum to assist in creating personal, community, and world peace.

Tail Feather Woman Community Drum

Joni Mist Walker, Drum Keeper

25255 Crystal Creek Drive

Eagle River, Alaska 99577

907-694-3620 home 907-351-6214 cell

To unite the community on equinoxes & solstices & full/new moon days.

To teach the wisdom in Spirit’s drum beat.

To hear the voice of our ancestors as we find our own voices.

To heal the community and ourselves.

Thunderbird Community Mother Drum*

Drum Keeper: Namah (Noga Meir)

465 lucrepata, San Blas, Cusco, Peru


dates of practices: TBA contact me

Mission: The mission of the drum is to dream and drum the beat of Pachamamma and to awaken people to their Divine Nature.

URS Community Mother Drum*

DrumKeepers: Whitney and Robin Nardin

PO Box 1596

Soldotna, Alaska 99669


Vildkatten Community Drum (The Wild Cat), DENMARK*

Elisabeth Dyrmose, Hans Georg Kober, Helle Hewau, Drumkeepers

+45 40 35 20 95

Wild Cat is a Father Drum. Transforms male sexual energy/power and connects to heart. Balances male and female energy.

Dec 21, 2013, In the church Betlehemskirken, Åboulevarden 8, Copenhagen.

May, 2014: To a gathering for all the healers and praying people in the organization Hearts and Hands.

White Crystal Wind Community Drum

Rita Burrows, “Queen Sheeba” DrumKeeper

1-1700 Cumberland Road.

Courtenay, Vancouver Island,

BC, Canada V9N 2E9


Waters Dream Dancing Drum*

Vicki Dobbs, DrumKeeper

691N. Armstrong Ave.

Clovis Ca 93611-9591


Monthly gatherings:

Third Tues. evening each month at The Guest House in Clovis

Mission of Drum: Spreading the word of global change and

paving the way to open the hearts of all who feel the pulse of her love.

White Cosmic Wind Community Mother Drum

NORTH POINT, Big Island, Hawaii

Jim Channon, DrumKeeper

55-3584 Kaauhuhu Road

Hawi, Hawaii


Ya Ma Na Community Mother Drum*

Rondell Gonzales DrumKeeper

35282 Kenai Spur Hwy

Soldotna Alaska 99669


Our Community Mother Drums are built during a seven day DRUMKEEPERS INITIATION and train our Community Mother Drum Keepers worldwide to unite in the heartbeat of love for healing, intention, inspiration and celebration. Join one of our Community Drum Groups during full moons, solstices and equinoxes to activate the PLANETARY GRID of Mother Earth with the intention of tribal unity, peace and earth sustainability. If you are a Community Drum Keeper, you can REGISTER YOUR DRUM and join our network.

* NOTE: These drumkeeper’s have completed the DrumKeeper’s Training.

Kindred Spirit Community Mother Drum*

Chenoa Byers, DrumKeeper


Full moon drumming every month.

Kindred Spirits drum is meant to bring spirits of all species together in that

wonderful heart beat of Mother Earth.

Ixcheel Hurracan Community Mother Drum*

Drumkeeper Chuen Uac Zip and Muluk Hun Kayab

Mexico City, Mexico

Mission: The Heartbeat Of Mount Moctezuma. Preserve this sanctuary and its eagles. Purify the waters in Mexico and restore the sacred corn. A drum of resurrection from death.
“Ixcheel” is a Mayan woman who is depicted with blue corn, water, rainbow and death symbols. “Hurracan” is the Mayan word for hurricane but means “Heart Of The Sky” and speaks to the transformational powers.

Two Hawks/ My Apache Family Community Mother Drum*

DrumKeeper: Peter Grover

Contact or at 719-588-4555
Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

Mission: Drum for healing ( health) and for Humanity ( Wellness)
Dates: All Drum For Change Events

Shaman Taiyari Community Mother Drum*

DrumKeepers: Armando Cruz and Maria Inez Correa

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Mission: To Heal People, To Create Community and Grow Together
Dates: All Drum For Change Events

Burning Water Community Mother Drum*

DrumKeeper: Shruthi Bajaj

Contact: or 415-261-7575
Location: Denver Colorado

Mission: Restore spiritual order through divine balance of fire and water, both individually and collectively.
Dates: Full Moon Ceremonies, All Drum For Change Events


 “Thanks, Michaela for bringing Amazon Queen Community Drum to Homer for the Equinox celebration — an empowering, lovely and deeply moving experience. Your energy and vitality are inspiring!” – Susan Braund