Drum For Change Global Network

Drumming for Sustainability, Reconciliation, Unity and Peace


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DRUM FOR CHANGE: Unites Drum Keepers across the world on all solstices and equinoxes, holding the pulse of Mother Earth through her sacred site locations to strengthen the heartbeat of unity and oneness.

DRUM FOR CHANGE offers a week long DRUMKEEPERS INITIATION building hand drums and COMMUNITY MOTHER DRUMS and training drumkeepers to hold sacred space in their communities promoting Unity and Peace through culture, music and the arts.

DRUM FOR CHANGE: Raises funds from the heartbeat of our Community Drums for the ONEDOLLARFULL Campaign, creating sustainable communities worldwide through the idea of ONE person+ ONE dollar = ONE Global Community.


March 20 Spring Equinox
April 22 Earth Day-Golden Yellowstone Ceremony
May 1 Global Love Day
June 20 Summer Solstice
September 22 Equinox Blue Flame Ceremony
December 21 Winter Solstice





We are joined by over 360 cities in 60 countries.

We are united in the heartbeat of peace with the following organizations:

Global Peace Foundation
Global Love Day
8,000 Drums
10 Billion Beats
King David Drummers
World Didgerdoo Meditation


“Thank you so much for the lovely drumming ceremony. After hearing about it for so long, it was great to experience it.
It was powerful and uplifting.” -Janine Amon, Anchorage

“Thank you for the opportunity to give my love and healing to our planet.

I am very honored to have been a part of this! And will be for life!” -Tish Hennigan, Alaska