Children’s Programs

Cultural Arts Programs for School Children

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Cultural Arts Workshops for Children:

  • Rattle Making
  • Drum Making
  • Mask Making
  • Puppet Making
  • Medicine Pouches
  • Medicine Shields
  • Native Flute Workshop
  • Storytelling and Talking Circles
  • Community Drum and Dance

MAGIC BUNDLE PUPPET THEATRE: Storytelling for Children: 
This ancient traditional story has been told by Elders the world over and was creatively adapted for Puppet Theatre from our colorfully illustrated children book, “The Magic Bundle“.

Set long ago when the Earth was still one massive and peaceful continent, the wise Elder Grandmother “See the Truth” longs to pass on her wisdom placed in her “Magic Bundle,” so future generations can remember they are one family and how to share and care for each other. With the help of her young assistant Orion, Grandmother “See the Truth” takes on a journey to the top of Mt. Denali, to the bottom of the ocean floor, to the center of the Earth and even to the Moon in search of a safe place to hide the Magic Bundle. As she grows tired from all her adventures into the future where humanity is still fighting, she turns the job over to young Orion. When Orion accidentally drops the “Magic Bundle” it’s contents suddenly become revealed. This timeless children’s teaching story magically uncovers the truth of our Oneness and the promise of Peace on Earth. This program can be scheduled before our Grandmother Drum Performance. Please contact us for additional Children’s Puppet Workshops and Cultural Arts Workshops.


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“Thank you for your generosity and sincerity in working with our children this summer!  I know they will treasure their rattles for a very long time. I really hope that Centre for Alaskan Coastal Studies will continue to find ways to partner with your in years to come.

You are also so gracious beyond any expectation to take time out of your busy to make a rattle for me!  Thank you so very much for your kindness and generous compassionate acts.  I can tell that you care deeply about our world and that you are committed to making an impact in the lives of the people that you connect with.  I know that you are truly making a difference! ” – Nancy Hannan, Homer Alaska


“Thank you for bringing the Grandmother Drum to Hawaii. You and her both spoke deeply and directly to my heart. I especially connected with the divine child and spending time near the Grandmother Drum during my medicine journey really healed me and helped me a lot, to let go and love. Thank you for your bliss!” – Kate Schofield