Opening and Closing Ceremonies for your gatherings or conferences.


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You can book Grandmother Drum International Peace Project to conduct Opening and Closing Ceremonies for major events, festivals, conferences and indigenous gatherings.



Cross Cultural Performance: Opening Ceremonies Hawaii 2009

1. Tikal Guatemala jpg 3Mayan Fire Ceremony Tikal, Guatemala 2007


Cross Cultural Performance: Opening Ceremonies: Austria 2013

GermanyBlue Flame Planetary Grid Ceremony: Germany 2013

IximcheMayan Fire Ceremony Iximche Guatemala 2007

Australia 2003Cultural Ceremony: Australia 2003

Silbury Hill July 25, 2013 Blue Flame Ceremony,UKBlue Flame Planetary Grid Ceremony: Silbury Hill, UK 2013

Jerusalem HugOpening Ceremonies: Jerusalem, Israel 2009

Salcantay Apu CeremonyOpening Tour Ceremony: Salcantay, Peru 2010

MexicoCultural Ceremony Monte Alban, Mexico 2012

Lake Titicaca PeruCultural Ceremony, Lake Titicaca, Peru 2010

AustraliaAboriginal Ceremony, NSW Australia 2003

Hawaii 2010Cultural Ceremony: Big Island Hawaii 2010

Cultural Performance Parade: Australia 2003

Zorba Festival, Israel 2Opening Ceremony Zorba Festival Israel, 2009


“Thinking about the Alchemeyez Arts Festival event in Hawaii, I needed to let you know that in my opinion the whole festival would have been a lovely but chaotic free-for-all, hadn’t it been for the grounding as well as highly spiritual energy of your Opening and Closing ceremonies! Looking forward to more shared special adventures. Blessings from Colorado.” – Martina Hoffman, Visionary Artist