Golden Yellowstone Ceremony

Transmuting the heat building under the Yellowstone Super Volcano Caldera
for Personal and Planetary Creativity and the Highest Good of All.




  • Creativity: Transmuting the heat building under the Yellowstone Super Volcano caldera for personal and planetary creativity and the Highest Good of All.
  • Claiming More Personal Power. “In order to do this ceremony you cannot be afraid of your power any longer. What does that mean? Any place that won’t relax and receive Love. Not give love, which is so natural, but to receive it, from a woman, which is from your Mother Earth herself. Receive the love and light that you are. Are you ready? Are you able? Are you willing?”


“What are we doing? We are taking on the volcano energy. We are saying, “Yes I will be a volcano.” What does that mean? There is much heat building under the plates of your world in more than one way. Physically on Earth – and in your body – don’t’ separate – it’s one thing. Pressure is coming from under the geologic “Ring of Fire.” Correspondingly in a woman during childbirth, when the baby crowns its known as the “Ring of Fire.” You and the Mother Earth are one. You are taking on this energy to birth a new you and a whole new consciousness in humanity!”
-Grandmother Chia through White Eagle Medicine Woman.


LENGTH OF CEREMONY: from 2 hrs up to 1 full day.  “Do it for more than an hour. Go beyond the edge of convenience and explore your power. Do not put yourself in stress, but go beyond your comfort zone to tap the source of the chia, release the enormous energy there and distribute it across the world!”-Grandmother Chia through White Eagle Medicine Woman

CEREMONY LEADERS: Volunteer Leaders commit to hosting the one day dance ceremony in their local area annually for 3 years. JOIN US AND SIGN UP TO HOST the Ceremony.

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LOCATION OF CEREMONY: The focus of this Golden Yellowstone Medicine Wheel Dance Ceremony is within the 1,000 mile radius around Yellowstone Caldera in northwestern Wyoming. However groups and individuals can join in ceremony from any part of the world.


“I continue to be amazed with all that you accomplish. I am still recovering from the Portal Activation Ceremony so I can’t imagine how this past few months of on-going activations have effected you. I can only say that I will never be the same again and I am grateful for the experience and how beautifully you orchestrated the 5 days in Montana.” -Julie Pelzer, British Columbia