Northern Lights Peace Sound Temple

Ceremonial Chambers have been used for thousands of years by many cultures to provide a unifying force to help bond together in spirit, values, and attitudes.


“The rituals and ceremonies varied, but the basic principles and goals of developing inner awareness and understanding of the Universe were similar.  All living things move, and all movement creates sound. Earth’s root language grew out of early man’s re-creation of these sounds of life. By understanding the meaning of these sounds and by chanting them, Earth people of today can revive a connection with the natural world that has been lost for centuries. These sounds will help raise the veil that separates us from the natural world that we are so close to destroying. “

WE at coast

During Grandmother Drum’s World Peace Tours, we were honored to often perform our sacred music in ancient stone sound chambers and churches, sending healing frequencies of Love, Peace and Harmony into Mother Earth. During our travels, White Eagle Medicine Woman had a vivid lucid and detailed dream of a sacred Sound Temple in Alaska for Grandmother Drum. She began to share the vision and was inspired by the book “Being in Vibration” given to her by a friend. Author and Elder Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael) is the visionary behind Peace Sound Chambers. The vision calls for people trained in the use of sacred sound evolving from Earth’s root language, to utilize the oval shaped chambers, creating and maintaining a continuous sound wave of Peace and Light. Sound is what puts us back in touch with our origin. To date there are over 70 Peace Sound Chambers scattered around the world and each unique to the individual or organization who built them.

With this new opportunity before us to build the most northern Peace Sound Chamber, we are now poised to fulfill yet another meaning of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy, that “the healing will begin in the North and spread like a whirling rainbow.” With your support, we will begin to create an international facility in Homer, Alaska that will serve all Nations and all people in our quest for global peace and universal harmony.

Neve Shalom Sound Chamber Israel
Sound Chamber 2
Sound Chamber 3


“Thanks for taking on all these challenges to bring this wonderful music into this world together with all the great people. Its awesome how you can hear the depth of the sounds recorded in the caves and churches…I would have never guessed that’s possible! I am absolutely in awe and so grateful to be able to listen to the songs.  I don’t know what to say…there are no words for my feelings. Thank you so much.” Yours, Katja, Denmark