Global Art Collective

The Global Art Collective fosters an expressive visionary culture worldwide.



The mission of the Global Art Collective is to capture, create and illuminate a new artistic mythos for an emerging global culture of spiritual unity and oneness, celebrating cultural diversity and the individual’s unique expression of Spirit.

Encouraged by the monuments of beauty throughout time, including Egyptian, Greek, Inca, Maya, and Renaissance periods, visionary artists become the designers and creators of a new cultural and spiritual landscape ushering the coming 1000 years of peace. In addition, a portion of all artist sales is donated to the ONEDOLLARFULL Campaign, raising funds for the Global Peace Sanctuary and Sustainable Community.

The Global Art Collective fosters an expressive visionary culture worldwide through a vast scope of art including golden age temples, gardens and installations with attention to astronomical and sacred geometry, energy generating earthen sculptures, earth resonate architecture, visionary paintings, multimedia presentations, digital media, book illustrations, ritual, performance and ceremonial arts and a forthcoming Artist in Residence Program.


“The work you do is very inspirational, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. Seeing my work featured on your website really surprised me, and I’m very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to show my work. I never realized how much your organization does for people and for the world. Most of all I would like to thank you, and although we didn’t have much time to talk or get to know each other, it’s an experience I will not forget. Thank you for everything”  –Steve Wyatt