Global Peace Sanctuary

Creating an international model of a thriving spiritual community, and a beacon for ushering in a Golden Age of Peace
through art, culture, spirituality and living in harmony with each other and the Earth.


Global Peace Santuary


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In 2016, The ONEDOLLARFULL Campaign continues with plans to create sustainable communities in Alaska, Hawaii and Peru.

Today, the world looks to pristine lands to preserve as places of sanctuary and sustainability. Through a year’s global prayer efforts and launching the ONEDOLLARFULL Campaign in 2010, the Whirling Rainbow Foundation helped preserve one of the Alaska’s most fertile and pristine lands, a 180-acre parcel in the glacier-carved Matanuska Valley. Surrounded by the majestic Talkeetna and Chugach Mountains, it is a place of stunning beauty, rich with golden farm fields, a river carved canyon, diverse wildlife, medicinal plants and berries, and old-growth trees. These lands are now a Global Peace Sanctuary for the rare musk ox who live there.

We are bringing together some of the world’s finest visionary artists, designers and architects to create in Homer Alaska a state of the art Morningstar Cultural Arts Center and Northern Lights Peace Sound Temple (utilizing sacred geometry, astronomy and natural acoustics), Megalithic Sculpture, Earthworks, Labyrinths, Permaculture, Wind and Solar Power.


“The 10 day trip in Alaska was the most profound experience for me. Doing ceremony with a group of people, with love, respect and openness has been a lifetime wish. I am seeing people and energy more clearly and I have more energy moving through me in my healing work.” -Joyce Towne, Oregon