Language Of One

THE METATRON LESSONS: 64 Codes and Keys for Conscious Evolution Activating the Prismatic Fire Light Body



Lessons designed to accelerate your spiritual growth and expand your ability to manifest your dreams.


I am so glad that I found you. You and Metatron are helping me with my Spirit path. Thanks for taking this on to help others wake up! – Shirley, Wyoming



About the Lessons
These 64 Lessons are taught by the Ascended Master Metatron through White Eagle Medicine Woman. Metatron’s teachings are like a laser, giving us detailed guidance and clarity on the next level of awakening our fullest Divine Potential by activating the soundscapes of our Prismatic Fire Light Body in communion with the Dream of Mother Earth. These teachings have never been given to humanity in their totality before. Are you ready to awaken to a whole new level of being and clarify your own soul purpose? Are you ready to accelerate your miraculous power to be the living hands of the Creator in the here and now? Are you ready to live your sacred purpose and serve the personal and planetary healing work unfolding on Mother Earth at this time? Then this course is for you!


Embarking on the Adventure
The Metatron will be giving 64 coded lessons in intervals of three per week over the next six months. The activation of these codes only requires an open heart and an open mind. To assist you, the Metatron will offer meditations and exercises throughout the lessons that will take approximately an hour a week. His lessons are designed to accelerate your spiritual growth and your ability to be a conscious dreamer and communicator with Spirit. After you receive and read each lesson by email, pay attention to what is showing up in your daily life, especially that which appears in threes. This will be the Metatron assisting you in applying the lesson. These amazing synchronicity will be more clear as you begin to journey with the keys and codes of the lessons. This Online Course includes a FREE monthly conference call with White Eagle Medicine Woman.


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Metatron Lesson 64: I AM NOT available on CD!

Metatron requested that the final 64th lesson of the The Language of One course be recorded LIVE with his students and so our first wave groups were very excited to participate in this recording. This lesson became the Alpha and Omega, giving the complete background, summary and essence of His lessons. This CD is wonderful way for anyone to learn more about the transformational power of these lessons and to feel firsthand Metatron’s divine presence.





Thank you for all you do! I love the Metatron Lessons! They have been amazing.-Hydee Dullam, California

Thank you. The Metatron soundscape meditations are deeply healing and awakening. -Wendy Ryan, England

Doing the meditation practices from the lessons in a group gives them amazing powers and I was walking in the rainbow for the rest of the night afterwards! Much love to you dear one for all that you give and share with us. It takes a great commitment, effort, will, and power to walk the path as you do. You are great inspiration to me and you keep awakening my heart like a shining star it can look up to in awe and be reminded of why we are here. When I imagine the future with the Whirling Rainbow family in it, and you in it, it draws out as a magnificent painting of love, strength, courage, and grace. –Tom Zamir, Israel

Thank you for the beautiful Lessons. I am most Grateful! Each Lesson is so wonderful. I was so excited when I did my first lesson and each one I am excited to receive and do. What beautiful words. I totally know why I had such a strong desire to have them. Thank you to you and Metatron. I am able to be in more than one place at a time now and life is more full. I am not caught up in the drama . I feel more part of the Oneness and appreciate AA. It is as if I know and feel the secrets. I feel more aware and more whole. Also I feel more in All-Ways. Definitely more joy! My energy around me has increased so that I feel bigger. Ready for more. -Rita Burrows, British Columbia, Canada

The summary of changes since the first conference call: 1. My treatments are much, much more and I seem to saying what needs to be said with more authority and compassion and I can easily let go of a client as well as take a client 2. I have been opening my new and bigger clinic in Eugene. I can feel the space pulling people into it like a magnet. I feel my energy field way different and my heart is opening! -Joyce, Oregon

We really enjoyed the Metatron conference call and I am very encouraged to continue reading and applying the teachings – it was amazing to experience Metatron’s personality and humour coming through in the communication. It is also inspiring to hear all those distant voices calling in and feeling truly part of a global community. -Ann, Australia