This program begins with a three month to one year Rainbow Path Internship and provides a unique opportunity for you to become part of The Whirling Rainbow Community – a community designed to support personal and spiritual growth.


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The Rainbow Path is for people who are ready to make a deep commitment to transformation at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This challenging and natural process evolves as you invest a longer period of time, attention, and energy immersing yourself into learning and living a conscious meditative lifestyle.



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Upon completion of your first year, you may apply to continue for another three years to complete our Masters in Shamanic Arts.

The Rainbow Path program features a balanced and conscious approach and uses mainly work service as a path for self-awareness, and ultimately self-acceptance –the key to transformation. You contribute 40 hours of service work per week, in a skill-matched position with your gifts and talents.

Rainbow Path participants gain experience working within an intentional community by living at our Alaskan wilderness center and touring with us around the world.

To expand and deepen your learning you will have the opportunity to participate in our cultural and healing arts classes, take online courses, attend special presentations and group sessions on shamanic practices for conscious living, attend rites of passages ceremonies, international conferences on peace, and forums on spirituality and earth stewardship. We provide an in depth orientation to welcome you and support you in beginning to integrate this lifestyle and its practices.


What is a Spiritual Life?
A spiritual life means living your life to the fullest expression of your soul’s path. Living spiritually is living with the intention to be in harmony with the all creation through the innate wisdom within you, connecting body, mind, emotions and Spirit.

Why come to The Whirling Rainbow Foundation, Rainbow Path Program?
Participating in our Rainbow Path Apprenticeship program offers you a chance to see for yourself the results of what total immersion in a holistic lifestyle, uniting body, mind, and Spirit can be. You will learn valuable life skills that will not only increase your contact with Spirit but will improve your ability to genuinely connect with people in any area of your life and manifest your dreams.

We create the opportunity for you to learn how to lead a spiritually awakened life by practicing meditation and conscious living skills that aid us in becoming more present to ourselves in our own body and experience. When body and mind are relaxed, we are able to access a greater clarity and fuller expression of our life energy and relate with other people with more satisfaction and fulfillment.

We work in a community and organization that encourages and supports us in choosing to see our daily activities as opportunities for personal and spiritual transformation-to use our day-to day interactions to become aware of and go beyond any limiting concepts, judgments, or beliefs of ourselves and others. With this self-knowledge and compassion we are able to build and sustain a strong link with our Spirit and create harmony between our body and mind.

Who Comes to our Volunteer Programs?
Just about everyone from every background. Participants have a strong personal intention to learn and practice techniques of self healing, self awareness and self expression which bring transformation and inner harmony.


“White Eagle, you are an inspiring teacher who walks her talk. I am so grateful for having received ancient Wisdom Teachings how to live aligned and in harmony with all. Meeting indigenous Elders around the world was a privilege that I will carry in my heart forever. Thank you for holding me through personal healing and growth to walk forward in life with more power and passion to serve humanity and all living things.” 

-Michaela, Rainbow Path Intern 2012